A myriad of pianos scattered across town are an invite to truly experience Palermo, the Capital of Culture, through music. The concerts are free and take place Friday through Sunday, day and night. Genres are limitless, ranging from classical to baroque, jazz, pop, rock and electronic music.

Tickling the ivories, the festival sees leading international and national figures as well as up-and-coming talents, like the top students of the Conservatorio Bellini, as they perform in squares, courtyards, beaches and palazzos along two main itineraries, one crossing the central street of the Càssaro, the other overlooking the seaside. The Festival flaunts prestigious collaborations such as the ones with the European Nomadic Biennial Manifesta 12, Le Vie dei Tesori, other important organizations and private houses, that will be unveiling their most secret spaces for the occasion. Among the many breathtaking sights, artworks and historical landmarks of the city, participants will be free to compose their own musical itinerary and take part in this big celebration, that opens under the starry sky of the Spasimo, with classical music, and ends with electronic music in Vucciria.